A dream land for dreamers in Etruscan territory The famous American writer Edith Wharton said that the Lands of Umbria, with their unspoiled natural beauty and mysterious medieval charm, are relevant not only to experts in architecture, history or art but, above all, to dreamers.

Tenuta Ponziani, a UNESCO MAB World Biosphere Reserve located on the slopes of Mount Peglia is a few kilometres away from Orvieto and other important cultural destinations in central Italy. A unique place where the charm of the Umbrian nature blends with the elegant and refined architectural style. It started off as an old manor house which has managed to keep some features intact, and has gone on to incorporate various parts and outdoor spaces that have been artfully designed so as to enhance the colours and geometries of nature and place the guest at the center of an unforgettable experience. There is the possibility of arranging private events, weddings and business meetings in its natural splendour and privacy. Its existence represents a sustainable model based on a balance between human kind and the environment, by respecting the historical, cultural and landscape identity of this land in the heart of Umbria. Tenuta Ponziani is the place to return to from time to time in order to fill your eyes and soul with beauty.

The estate, surrounded by luxuriant woods and rolling hills, is a fascinating location in the green heart of a lush land. The views are amazing but their beauty lies even in what is not possible to see. It is a suggestion, it is a light breeze, it is a thought that takes you far away. The visionary traveller, who prefers a refined holiday that awakens his senses and his desire for exploration, can start a journey from here towards a personal and deep knowledge of nature and art: just looking around from the top of a hill he will discover the most hidden mysteries of the whole

Small Cave
Wine is the poetry of the earth
(M. Soldati)
Special Offers
Life is made of unforgettable moments. Do not wait for them. Create them!


One space with many dedicated areas that combine the historical memory with the charm of modernity. A container of creativity and culture that opens a dialogue between antiquity, contemporary art and modern design. At the Griffin’s Resort the organization and structure of the various formal elements, and the vanishing points of the perspective plane form a refined architectural scheme that reflects the mystery of the evocative history of this territory.

Each room evokes a suggestion or the beginning of a new story
Swimming Pool
Relax, remove all thoughts from your mind, and let the world around you become vague and less distinct
The greatest gift of the garden is variety and the awakening of the five senses

Food Service

The harmony between individuals and creations has always been a source of well-being. The Tenuta Ponziani restaurant pursues this aim. A relaxed environment between tradition and modernity that is in close contact with nature and refined dishes which are made from the highest quality and locally produced ingredients. The Tempo dei Sensi menu is a mixture of local colours, scents and flavours. Its peculiarity is the customisation.

A place to experience every single flavor, offering body, mind and spirit the right time to enjoy them.
Sensory Experience
What makes sense to the senses is wonder
(Sosio Giordano)
Cellar in the Cave
If we sip some good wine, we find that dreams come to us from the darkness of a cave


The Ponziani winery is one of the few winemaking wineries in the area on the Orvieto side of Mount Peglia. The undoubted cultural capacity of the Etruscan people pervades this land and the power of the Gods over nature still seems to exercise its will.
Fertile soils, the orientation of the lines and the optimal climate guarantee precious fruits which give life to a selection of top quality niche labels when skilfully worked upon by expert hands in the small wine cellar,

A well-worked vineyard is like a healthy body, a living body, having its breath and its sweat
(C. Pavese)
The door of the cellar of someone who likes good wine never creaks
True connoisseurs don’t drink wine but taste secrets
(S. Dalì)


In the philosophy of Tenuta Ponziani, agriculture is synonymous with safeguarding and respecting the ecosystem of the land, the countryside and the life of its inhabitants. Selected raw materials, sustainable innovation, healthy environments and healthy food are the basis of the life standards of this small farm. The internal production of fruit and vegetable preserves, wines, EVO oil, used in the creation of the refined dishes of the restaurant’s kitchen originate from the natural crops.

In every walk in nature and among its creatures, man receives much more than he seeks
(J. Muir)
Every blade of grass seems to contain a library dedicated to wonder, silence and goodness
Nature is in no hurry, and yet everything comes true (Lao Tzu)


Emotional walks, experiential tastings, beneficial practices, naturalistic activities, excursions are just some of the many initiatives that can be carried out while staying at Griffin’s resort. Cultural events, literal encounters and musical aperitifs are moments of confrontation with one’s emotions. A unique location to choose how to experience some of the most beautiful moments of your life, where you can breathe the culture, history and scents of the wonderful Umbrian territory.

Come and discover the beauty of our territory. Authentic experiences that you will remember forever!
There are few places in a life, perhaps even just one, where something happens; then there are all the other places
(A. Munro)
Natural Well-Being
You will find more in the woods than in books. Examine it and you will enrich your knowledge!
(B. di Chiaravalle)