Il Tempo dei Sensi

Location is carefully restored so as to ensure moments of well-being and to merge the intimacy of memorised places either under the sky of an elegant “winter garden” or in an outdoor area surrounded by nature. The gastronomic proposal of Il Tempo dei Sensi will take you aback through its refined and triumphant flavours. All of this starts from the quality raw materials originating from the Tenuta Ponziani farm, as well as the flavours and aromas of the Italian culinary tradition that will be expertly transformed into a delicious culinary experience.
A selection of recipes that reinterprets and creates unique dishes which appropriately satisfies the tastes of each customer due to the care and attention that nature offers for a sustainable and responsible diet. The secret ingredient is the skillful use of several kinds of herbs, grown in our garden. They reveal their fragrances, enhancing the flavours of the recipes, and our guests will have the opportunity to pick them, selecting a herb mixture, and then add it to the oil of our produce, so as to create their personal seasoning.


The exclusive restaurant has a traditional dining room with stone walls, refined and cosy furnishings in order to recreate a typical Umbrian atmosphere, as well as having an elegant veranda and a modern “winter garden” which place guests at the center of the surrounding nature. Personalised mise en place and gastronomic experiences allow us to meet every demand and to make each special moment unique. It is also possible to reserve the estate for one or more days and host up to thirty family and friends – all in a magical and exclusive place.

Taste Selections

A place where you can awaken your gastronomic senses by using all five senses: using your hand to feel the raw materials reignites your touch; inhaling the scents of the plants and spices uses the sense of smell; observing the hue of the colours uses the sense of sight; the pouring of the full-bodied oil activates your hearing and savouring the explosion of flavours ignites your taste. The herbal teas and infusions are a full on experience that is a real perceptive and sensorial bio-philosophy.

Cellar in the Cave

An almost “secretive” entrance leads to the fascinating cave cellar which used to be an ancient place for storing wines and wild game of the owner of the land in the area from where the original residence takes it name, Count Valentini. A suffused environment, where you can taste regional excellences or, upon request, arrange a private evening with a romantic candlelit dinner.