Il mondo nascosto del bianco

Edited by Vittoria Biasi

5 August to 25 September
Tenuta Ponziani – Griffin’s resort
Località San Faustino, 24 – Orvieto (TR)
Thursday August 5th, 5.00 pm

Pino Barillà
Emanuela Fiorelli
Paolo Radi
Jukhee Kwon

he contemporary art exhibition The hidden world of white is inspired by the beauty and spirit of the Umbrian landscape and the emotions of Lettres d’Or, a book by Christian Bobin. The poet reflects on light, on the glimmer of the stars that make the blades of grass quiver, the silvery leaves of the olive trees and brings people together, while the artificial light creates distance between them.
The world of white is rooted in the cultures of all people, in a subterranean and original communication, in the depths from which water and flowers are born. The light of white is the origin of the myth, of the rite that entrusts the essence of history, in which people of every language and time, recognize themselves.
The exhibition features artists who have explored the color white. The itinerary begins with the sculpture of Pino Barillà. Spazio Metallico. Ottavo bianco is rises on a numerical proportion and was reached after studies on spatial relations. The living room hosts the works of Emanuela Fiorelli and Paolo Radi that focus on their perception towards different horizons. Korean artist, Jukhee Kwon completes the exhibition with an installation of books carved to descend into the hidden spaces of writing.