The vineyard, the olive grove, the orchard, the vegetable garden create the heritage of a company that uses this attention for the production process and the detail (home made bread and pasta) as a strength to best present their own natural resources. The pastures, an important resource for the proper functioning of the agro-ecosystem, live freely in the greenery of the estate, feeding mostly on what the season offers and being in harmony with nature and the landscape surrounding them. A sustainable ecology based on energy saving through a small photovoltaic system with a very low environmental impact and on water saving through the collection of rainwater and wastewater in an artificial lake which is used for land irrigation, all reflect the main philosophy of the estate based on the protection of the earth and the surrounding environment.


The vast woods of the estate host free pastured sheep farms and semi-wild pigs in about 18 hectares that are fed by the products grown in the fields of the estate, while the piglets feed on the fruits of the plants which are integrated in certain periods of the year so as to meet their needs. The woods are an ideal place for animal welfare, in that they find refreshment and shelter under several different types of plants, coolness and pleasure in the streams of water that cross it.


The raw materials are selected and unique products and are obtained from respecting the land of the estate. Herbaceous crops, wheat, seasonal vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants are the richness of the restaurant; woody crops, fruit trees such as apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, plum, almond, persimmon, hazelnuts, wine grapes, olive trees etc. are the wealth needed for production; Forage crops, grass and hay are the wealth for our animals which are guaranteed the best living conditions as well as, more importantly, a natural diet.


The main products are given by the vineyard and the olive grove, small caskets skilfully cultivated to obtain the best fruits, vinified and milled in the winemaking cellar and in the oil mill of the estate, with attention to the whole production process that begins and ends within the company. Small, high quality produce expertly managed by expert collaborators who have been following the entire supply chain for years, which goes from the cultivation of the land to the labelling and bottling of the product. Jams, honey and preserves are produced for the exclusive creation of breakfasts and dishes to be tasted exclusively at the Il Tempo dei Sensi