A relaxed and dreamy hilly atmosphere within the estate to celebrate special occasions and really experience nature first hand. Encouraging the discovery of the territory on foot or by bicycle through the ancient paths will lead towards amazing panoramas. Spreading the knowledge of the many villages that are located on the slopes of Mount Peglia in order to learn the history and specialties of the flavours of an ancient volcanic land is a peculiar feature of this part of Umbria.


Lots of relaxation, nature and culture: for those who want tranquility, the estate offers something more and becomes a lounge where beauty is cultivated, through moments that can nourish the soul with poetry, literature, music, dialogues and comparisons. Promoting artistic expression will help determine a fertile context for creativity surrounded by unspoiled nature which is probably the most beautiful picture where the various events can be framed.


Tenuta Ponziani, the story of a prestigious location: for exclusive, memorable and high-profile events. Cozy interiors lead towards ornamental gardens, lawn terraces, Mediterranean scrub bushes, colours, scents and different scenarios to create the perfect atmosphere for each stage of your wedding. Every aspect will be taken care of and customised according to your wishes while also being able to have romantic music with a Petrof quarter grand piano: one of the first examples in Italy and now a precious instrument at Griffin’s resort. Separate and quiet spaces to accommodate business lunches, team building sessions for small groups and business meetings, ensuring confidentiality and quality thanks to the specially equipped rooms that can best serve your intentions.

Natural Wellness

The energy of the wood: hugging a tree gives us a new emotional connection with life, improving our awareness and perception; truffle or mushroom hunting is a pleasant and
relaxing activity, alone or in good company, surrounded by a preserved nature. The garden of the five senses has a sunburst scheme: plants and flowers are divided into several areas according to their therapeutic qualities. Each part, extending in form of a ray, is dedicated to the cure for any disease of the human body systems, aromatic infusions can be tasted from each plant. Miles riding: after riding the bridle paths, on the plain or on the hillsides, our four-legged friends can be fed in the stable, a building with five stalls, planned to ensure their wellness and health.


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